***Integrative Massage (Customer Favorite!) – 60 Min $95, 90 Min $140, 2 Hours $185

A combination of Relaxation, Deep Tissue and a touch of some Hot Stone are tailored to best fit your needs. Long fluid strokes help to relax tired muscles while other muscles need deeper focus to relieve tension. The Hot Stones in between penetrate heat to assist with healing and improving circulation. Please advise your therapist of your choice of Relaxation massage, Deep tissue techniques, PNF stretching, Acupressure, Trigger point therapy, Reflexology, and/or a few integrated hot stones or a combination of all.​

7th HEAVEN Relaxation Massage – 60 Min $80, 90 Min $120, 2 Hours $160

A full body relaxation massage that wipes away all of your stress and worries. Smooth and rhythmic strokes will allow you to float on a cloud of relaxation and tranquility into 7th Heaven. This classic Swedish massage promotes overall wellness, comfort, and relaxation. Long fluid strokes will be used to loosen up tired muscles and increase circulation while surrendering into a pure state of bliss. Recommended for high stress and/or sore muscles.

Deep Tissue or Sports Massage – 60 Min $100, 90 Min $150, 2 Hours $200​

This is a specific based massage focusing on deeper muscles and connective tissue to relieve tension and release toxins. Deep Tissue massage can alleviate chronic tension from overused muscles, help in the rehabilitation of past injuries, and reduce inflammation from arthritis and tendonitis. This popular massage often can be more intense than a Relaxation Massage, and the amount of pressure should be communicated between the therapist and client. Please advise your therapist of your level of comfort before and during the session.

Lava Stone Massage – 60 Min $100, 90 Min $150, 2 Hours $200​

Warm lava stones from Peru and specific oils induce deep relaxation and help the removal of cellular waste from the tissues. Recommended for those who want to try a unique experience.

MOM Massage (Pregnancy) – 60 Min $90, 90 Min $135, 2 Hours $200

Heavy swollen feet, back pain or just tired? This massage helps the body to improve its functions, relax muscles, relieve joint pressure and improve lymph flow. Recommended for future moms in the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

Couple Massage

Simultaneous massages for two guests.Recommended for you and your partner to share in a blissful relaxation.

Express Massage – 30 Min $55

A short 30 min massage targeting your specific needs. Recommended between two massage sessions or for those in need and in a hurry.

Foot Reflexology – 30 Min $55, 15 Min Add-On $30
Chair Massage – $15/10 Minute ​